• Understanding Wind Chime Pipe Lengths And Their Musical Notes

    The length of wind chime pipes can vary from the tiniest mini-chimes that can be seen in car dashboards and office cubicles to wind chimes with giant pipes over 100 inches long.

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  • What You Need To Know About Aluminum Wind Chime Tubing

    There is something so tranquil about the music that is created by the breeze as it gently swirls the clapper of your favorite wind chime.

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  • Tuned Wind Chimes: Everything To Know

    Looking for tuned wind chimes? If you like your neighbors, then you’d probably like to have wind chimes that don’t annoy them. That’s where tuned windchimes come in.

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  • Brief History Of Wind Chimes: Facts You Didn’t Know

    Wind chimes are incredibly popular the world over. Used in gardens, porches, and all manner of outdoor spaces, the sounds they make can vary wildly from frustrating to beautiful.

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