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Pentatonic Alto 50 Inch Wind Chimes

Pentatonic Alto 50 Inch Wind Chimes

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I have four of their chimes. I love them. I get a lot of compliments and starts nice conversations.

The Pentatonic Alto wind chime captures the essence of simple beauty and enduring melody. Inspired by a legacy of craftsmanship, each chime is a testament to the transformative power of music in everyday life.



Proudly Made in the USA

A Story Woven in Sound:

Our story began with Larry Roark, a musician who believed everyday life could be filled with melody. He envisioned wind chimes that resonated not just with the breeze, but with the soul. The Pentatonic Alto embodies this spirit, its five-note scale offering a timeless harmony recognized for centuries.

Built to Last, Built to Sing:

  • Overall Length: 50"
  • Pipe Dimensions: 1 - 1/2" 
  • Weatherproof Performance: Crafted with a corrosion-resistant finish, the tempered aluminum alloy tubing endures harsh environments like acid rain and salt air, preserving the chime's beauty for years to come.
  • Pure, Harmonious Tones: Each tube is meticulously tuned to A440, the standard orchestral pitch, ensuring a clear and captivating melody.
  • Unwavering Strength: Heavy gauge stainless steel rings and high-tensile cordage resist abrasion, UV rays, and the elements, keeping your chime sounding its best.
  • Optimized for Gentle Breezes: The windcatcher's design maximizes chime performance in winds of 8-10 mph, while the detachable assembly allows you to adjust activity for different settings.

More than a wind chime, the Pentatonic Alto is an invitation to unwind, to connect with the simple beauty of music in nature. Let its serene melody grace your outdoor space and find harmony in every breeze.

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Pentatonic Alto 50 Inch Wind Chimes
Pentatonic Alto 50 Inch Wind Chimes
Pentatonic Alto 50 Inch Wind Chimes
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