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Kaleidoscope Dragonfly Blue Windspinner

Kaleidoscope Dragonfly Blue Windspinner

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Our kaleidoscope dragonfly blue wind spinner dazzles with its handcrafted metallic finish creating a spectacular reflective display. With a swiveling top, simply purchase it, unfurl it, hang it, and witness it twirling in the breeze! Make your yard the talk of the neighborhood with this eye-catching spinner! Watching it dance in the wind will put a smile on everyone's face.

6 inches
Dimensions: 6 inches
Weight: 1 lb

11 inches
Dimensions: 11 inches
Weight: 2 lb
16 inches
Dimensions: 16 inches
Weight: 3 lb
24 inches
Dimensions: 24 inches
Weight: 5 lb
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11 Inch101404006-BLUE
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